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Unrivaled Quality. Superior Strength. Experience the Unication Difference it will change your the way you use a pager like you could never imagine before.

Unication Pagers have rocked the market with many firsts for voice paging. 

The G1 available in VHF, UHF, Lowband​

  • Best In Class Reception & Clarity
  • Up To 64 Channels
  • Scan Modes: Free, Silent, Normal, Priority
  • IP 67 Rated- Dustproof & Waterproof
  • Submersible up to 3 feet/30 minutes
  • 16 Minutes Voice Storage
  • 11 Minutes Voice Memo
  • Bluetooth
  • 7  Programmable Backlight Colors
  • Free Programming Software with the purchase of a programming cradle
  • Programmable Music & Voice Alerts
  • Available in 4 Colors: Black, Red, Yellow or Pink

When you thought you have seen it all in the Unication G1, they announced the P25 Phase II available G4 and G5.

Unication G4 and G5 is the first and only P25 Voice Pager in the industry!!

P25 Digital paging allows migration from a legacy 2-tone network to a P25 Network which provides improved coverage, excellent voice clarity and superior reliability.

Both Pagers Support P25 Trunking, P25 Conventional and Conventional Paging.  G5 also supports Analog 2-Tone Paging.

G4 available in 700-800mhz

G5 available in UHF & 700-800mhz or VHF & 700-800mhz

  • Up to 128 Channels

  • IP67 Rating Waterproof & Dustproof

  • Submersible up to 3ft for 30 minutes

  • High Impact Resistant Color Screen

  • Rugged Housing

  • Custom Wav File Alerts

  • Out of Range Alert

  • Bluetooth

  • 32 Minutes of Voice Storage

  • 32 Minutes of Voice Memo

At M.A.S.E. Concepts we strive to have many different products for your communications needs.  We carry a wide range OEM and aftermarket headsets, speaker mics, surveillance with and without mics, and many more.  OEM and Aftermarket batteries and chargers.

We have many aftermarket brands available some of the most popular are below.

  • Pryme

  • Otto

  • Stone Mountain

  • USA made batteries

Do you have a radio that is no longer supported and you don't want to start with a new kind of battery, new accessories, different charger?  Are you looking to save a few dollars and get a refurbished or gently used radio?  We can help!  We can find you the radio you are looking for or even assist you with upgrading to new radios.  Just let us know and one of Sales Reps will assist you with your Communication needs.

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